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Life is About Growth


Advice I’ve been struggling with my ‘how to start’. Or maybe just where to start.

I’m full of ‘good’ advice – this is where you’d hear my wife’s laughter if you were sitting in my kitchen – but I wanted to make sure I started offering it up in some semblance of order <as we get to know each other better, you may come to notice my distinct OCD-like tendencies>.

Advice within advice: When in doubt, boil it down. Start simple. Start at the start.

So what is the start? How about: ‘Why are we all here?’, ‘Where did we come from?’ – Come on! Let me get my feet wet before I circle ’round to these…

What about: ‘What’s life about anyway? What’s the point of everything?’

Ah! Now that’s a little easier – and not just because there are likely an infinite number of correct answers. Despite that, this may be one of the most important pieces of knowledge we need to wrap our heads around once we start thinking for ourselves (around 30?)

So what is my advice today?

Life is about growth. 

Constant, never-ending growth. Every plant, animal and bad story starts the same way: small and unassuming. Then it grows every single day until it becomes it’s own force-to-be-reckoned-with.

Growth Plants, animals and embarrassing stories don’t wait around for someone to tell them what to do, or that they should be doing something. They just do. They focus on the task at hand. They grow. They spread.

But us ‘people’? Well, we tend towards lazy and distracted.

Personal growth is hard. Conscious growth is confusing. The idea that we can pick our own path to follow is a catch-phrase that often seems impossible in the real-world.

But it is possible. And it is important. And growth is a lot less painful than staying stuck where you are.

So here’s an easy way to get you started:

Every single day of your life,  strive to do just a little better than you did the day before… at everything you do.

Not giant steps. Nothing crazy. Just a little better. Just try. I won’t be upset with you if you just try.


  • Say “I love you” to someone who matters.
  • Pay a little more attention to those who are speaking to you.
  • Find a shorter route to work.
  • Hold the door open for someone.
  • Focus on your project for a little longer.
  • Watch a little less TV.
  • Eat a little less dessert.
  • Push out 1 more rep at the gym.
  • Show up for work 5 minutes earlier.
  • Take the stairs once more than you did yesterday.
  • Complain a little less.

Don’t try to force a massive change of habit – that doesn’t work. Just: try A LITTLE harder at all the things you’re already doing!

Growth is good. Growth is exciting. Growth in the right direction can change your life… and maybe the world.