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When at first you don’t succeed…

epic FAilLook. We all miss the mark from time to time – just look at my first blog post: can you say “preachy”?

But if you don’t succeed; if you don’t hit your intended mark; if you ever fail:

Just take a moment… take a deep breath… then buck up and get back to it.

Don’t feel sorry for yourself! You showed up. You tried. And that beats the pants off most of the people you will ever meet.

And don’t feel disheartened, because everything is hard on the first attempt.

FaceplantLook, failing sucks – I’m not going to lie to you: sometimes it feels downright horrible. But you just need to right-think this. Failure is a lesson – learn from it; then go try again with your new knowledge.

Take each failed attempt and use it as a step-up on your journey.

Look… Rome not only wasn’t built in a day, it burned to the ground a few times before conquering 1/3 of the globe. And Edison? He threw out thousands of light bulb prototypes before he got it right and changed the world.

Heck – it took our entire species 8 thousand years to figure out the whole ‘Round Wheel’ thing!

"Try Again"


Don’t be afraid of the sting, use it, and keep on truckin’.

Just Remember: Your dreams, your goals? They are awesome. They make you, well, you.